Asset Protection Associate

The Loss Prevention Store Associate is responsible for all aspects security and safety of the facility. The Loss Prevention Store Associate position is non-exempt.

* Ensures that all theft is investigated to the successful conclusion with arrests being made, with completed documents and evidence being submitted to court officials ensuring proper prosecution and sentencing of all violators

* Work with management to resolve cases of associate dishonesty and violations of store security policies and procedures

* Prepare monthly safety reports and ensure safety and security in store parking lots

* Cooperate with local law enforcement

* Train new sales associates on safety and security policies and procedures

* Monitor and investigate over/short records

* Actively participates in store shortage reduction programs

* Monitor proper sensor tagging of all merchandise required to be tagged

* Monitor security cameras to aid in apprehension of external and internal theft

* Keep management informed of all details of loss prevention operations

* Patrol the store to observe customer activities and to identify any suspicious activities

* Install or relocate video cameras as needed

* Assist with customer deliveries to parking lots

* Will agree to work in other areas or complete assigned duties as requested by supervisor with a cooperative approach to the assigned work

Minimum Education & Experience:

* High School Diploma or GED equivalent

* Read and speak English

* Ability to operate a computer

* Ability to work unsupervised

* Ability to operate standard phone, computer, calculator and other business machines

Physical Requirements:

* Ability to perform some lifting (25-50 lbs)

* Ability to climb ladders, scaffolds and work at heights

* Ability to operate photographic and video equipment