Entry Level Sales & Marketing Associate

Full Time Kenosha, Wisconsin, US Freedom

Job Description

Entry Level Sales & Marketing Associate: Training, Advancement, Professional Development

Position: Entry-Level Marketing & Sales Associate

Entry Level Marketing & Sales Associate Functions: The objective of this position is to develop the skills needed to build a strong foundation in business: effectively acquiring new and existing customers on a daily basis. Once established, we provide internal cross-training opportunities in areas of Team Development, Human Resources, and Business Management. This position is designed to shape and mold the future of our business.

Reporting to: Managing Director and Upper Management on a daily basis

Entry Level Marketing & Sales Associate Compensation: $700-$1000 weekly, based on experience

Entry Level Sales & Marketing Associate Hours: Full Time, 40+ hours/week

Key Responsibilities & Duties:

  • Respond to in-person inquiries from present and potential consumers
  • Attend daily marketing team meetings
  • Listen, Learn how to, and then Lead 1 on 1 Development Consultations
  • Work cohesively with other team members
  • Complete daily reports